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Prayer for the Journey

by Judy Seicho Fleischman

I stand beside you
in this still place,
to an awesome power,

this intimacy.

My heart is breaking
as it opens,
sensing the steady pulse of change.

I see it now,

clearly reflected in your eyes,
tender, loving eyes,

which recognize possibility
in every step of the journey,
which understand the joy
in being of use.

Tears fall instinctively
to seal this covenant we share,
saying simply,

I am here,

am willing
to offer myself completely,
to heal together with you,
becoming whole.

My heart fills with gratitude
for how you shepherded me,
helped me find my voice,
my purpose.

I heed your charge,

to make this covenant my own
by offering what matters most,

and love.

These I offer faithfully.

I hear
the horn blasting,
the thunder proclaiming,

It is time

to go forth
from this mountain,
to serve where there is need.

All that remains is this pause,

breathing in,
breathing out,

resting in the awesome sanctuary
of this precious moment.

Here we meet,
happy to realize
love becoming large,
and grateful to receive
that most precious gift,

an experience of revelation,

an experience we recognize
to be peace.