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Sensing Wonder Productions presents. . .


* Potluck Tea Party - a gathering celebrating creativity, connection, and community *

Potluck! - a wonderful short film of Potluck Tea Party in Central Park's Strawberry Fields. (September, 2010)
Thanks to Elena Yuuka Tajo of OGReHome Productions for camera and editing expression

Thanks! - a musical slideshow of Potluck Tea Party
Thanksgiving weekend in Strawberry Fields, we share warm Jasmine tea, and with lots of colorful markers and paper nearby ask,"How do you say 'thanks' in . . .?"
(November 27, 2011)

FatherLove - a musical slideshow of Potluck Tea Party
As Father's Day approaches in Strawberry Fields, we ask,"How do you say father in . . .?"
(June 12, 2011)

MotherLove - a musical slideshow of Potluck Tea Party
On Mother's Day in Manhattan's Strawberry Fields, we ask, "How do you say mother in . . .?"
(May 8, 2011)

Growing, In Brooklyn - a musical slideshow of our first Potluck Tea Party in Brooklyn!
On a lush albeit chilly Spring day in Prospect Park, we ask, "How do you say 'Growing' in . . .?"
(May 22, 2011)

We Can... - a musical slideshow of Potluck Tea Party
(July, 2010)

Raining Kindness - a musical slideshow of Potluck Tea Party
(June, 2010)

* In Commemoration *

By Love Alone - a musical slideshow of a Gathering on 9/11/11
A Day of meditation and reflection in New York City. Sponsored by The Interdependence Project with many co-sponsors including SensingWonder. Hosted at Shambhala Center.
We share iced Jasmine tea, and with lots of colorful markers and paper nearby ask,"How do you say 'love' in . . .?"
(September 11, 2011)

* Out and About *

Help Japan with Love - a silent slideshow of compassion flowing on the streets of New York City (March, 2011). You might also enjoy the accompanying Nearness - A Blogtale
(March, 2011)

I'mMigration - a musical slideshow of Village Zendo's urban retreat exploring inter-relatedness through the lens of immigration.
(March, 2011)

Just Sitting - NO on L - a musical slideshow of Faithful Fool's and friends sit on the sidewalk to promote awareness of Proposition L in San Francisco. This proposes (and later passes) to ban sitting and lying down on sidewalks.
(October, 2010)

* Playfully Expressing. . . *

Buddha Bowl Brush
Brush paintings dance on a carpet as two sisters savor the moment. First, an enlivening meal outdoors with sunshine spilling in, then a lively photo session indoors. The day before, painting expresses "art practice" during a weekend retreat at Berkeley Zen Center. Brush dancers flowing, choosing life . . .
(September, 2010)


We invite you to peruse the ongoing tinytales, BLOGTALES, as well as the following
by Judy Seicho Fleischman:

* Fiction *

Enter Here
first installment of an unfolding adventure. (with original art by Naomi Namba)

Andromeda Bound
a healing journey of cosmic proportions.

Creature in the Garden
a tiny treasure revealed.

a playful journey in faith.

To Be of Use
Wild purpose revealed on an Oregon farm.

* Non-Fiction *

Being Change (an unfolding journal)
A day manifesting Gandhi's message of non-violence.

Lessons from Robots
Robots dance in an inner city school, revealing the meaning of joyful collaboration.

A heart-opening rush-hour ride on a New York City subway train.
Published April, 2008 in Ink on the Cat, a magazine of the Zen Community of Oregon.
Published September, 2008 in Plainviews, a magazine of The Healthcare Chaplaincy, a leading multifaith, not-for-profit center for pastoral care, education, research, and consulting.

Healing Community - Transforming Trauma in Relationship
Compassionate care in an integrative health center for people living with HIV/AIDS.
Published July, 2008 in Plainviews, a publication of The Healthcare Chaplaincy.

* Poems *

published in Talking Leaves, a magazine of Lost Valley Educational Center.

Love Is

Over Africa

Prayer for the Journey


The Tao of Tea

Wild Weed

* Healing Reflections *

Forest Reflection
Remembering loved ones who have passed on.